The 1 Tonne Challenge

As I walked back along the path, I watched as the sun shone for the first time today. Through the trees I saw a lady walking along where I have spent the last 2 hours collecting rubbish. I reflected on how she’d have no idea I had been there and she could enjoy walking a distance of 2km without any sign of the modern world.

I had a moment on today’s walk where I walked 8 steps and had not one sign of rubbish, my heart felt a sense of peace and I realized that’s why I do what I do, “If I see it, I pick it up”

Collecting Rubbish didn’t start 3 days ago, but documenting it did. As a designer with an extensive advertising background, I daily rack my brain on how I may communicate to people the damage they cause by not recycling, by littering and by not assuming any responsibility for rubbish they see; yet they refuse to pick it up.

The words, rubbish, environment, litter, pollution, recycle have become deaf words to our ears, in our attempts to find inner peace, we refuse to listen to the reality of the effects of rubbish and as a community would rather point fingers or blame others, than let it begin with us.

That’s where this is different. Starting 3 days ago I decided to take on the 1 tonne challenge; to collect 1 tonne of rubbish, in the hope that I set an example of my mantra “If you see it pick it up” From a marketing perspective I will not make a bag to support my cause, nor a badge or any other paraphernalia to communicate my cause, however I will design for myself a T-shirt in which I will get to wear once I have reached my goal of 1 tonne of rubbish and in doing so I will show the effects on my body from undertaking the collection of 1 tonne of rubbish.

On the course of this challenge I will not ask anyone for help, however I welcome anyone who would like to join the challenge. All you need to do is email me and let me know, alternatively you can post on my business Facebook page of Share The Word Design Studio, with your support or ideas.

Ideally, I’d love to receive sponsorship and donate the monies to a worthy charity, such as Sea Sheppard, for now, I will let this challenge unfold, as I believe that anything successful in life is driven by “passion and inspiration” My true passion is the gift of the ocean and my inspiration are the magical creatures that exist within it. They deserve our respect and this is the best way I can begin.

In the course of the 1 tonne, I estimate it will take me 191 days to complete: if I take the statistics of rubbish collection, over the last 3 days. Today I collected 1237 pieces of rubbish off the beach, the pieces range in size from 1cm pieces of plastic, bottle tops, plastics bags, chocolate wrappers through to plastics lids and containers. The items I am collecting are what most people wouldn’t bother with, but it’s the small items that are causing the damage.

We can make a difference, by aiming for zero waste in our own lives, by educating ourselves on the real effects of plastics on our food and our bodies and making choices that will affect your life and flow onto the generations to come.

“If you see it, pick it up” thank you

Josie Jones

A little about Josie

Is a freelance designer of 18 years, daily she allocates 2 hours per morning from her day in which she has collected rubbish for the last 2 and half years. “For me it’s exercise” says Josie. “In my work I am exposed to many people in business and it is so important to maintain integrity. Collecting rubbish is another level of integrity, it shows you really care, because you’re not paid to do it, you’re motivated by making a difference and in all my years of work, I see failure, short or long-term, every-time money is the motivator. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, if money is your focus, you will not be offering the best and in doing so, you will begin to fail, always aim to do your best and be a part of the solution, that way success will always be your guide”

4 thoughts on “The 1 Tonne Challenge

  1. Wow, that’s so impressive, I saw your article link of Facebook. We all need to do something. Thank you for being an example and making us aware that it truly is a problem that we can’t avoid. I love your mermaid sticker too, we will look out for it.

    1. Thank you Claudia. You have inspired me. Once the mermaid sticker is out i will make a post and let you know. A set of posters are currently being made to create awareness. Remember, recycle right and rubbish responsibly, by aiming for zero waste

    1. Thank you Drop in the Ocean. it;s so lovely to have your support and encouragement. I hope your project is going from Strength the Strength

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