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Instagram works for you – 5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Bios

Over 85% of top brands are regular users on Instagram, and with good reason! According to Forrester Research, brands that post frequently have an average engagement rate of 2.3%, which is miles ahead of both Facebook (0.2%) and Twitter (0.02%). But even with high engagement, every brand on Instagram faces the same challenge: Instagram doesn’t allow you to add clickable link in photo captions.

Your Instagram bio is prime real estate to promote your brand, and it’s the only place your community can click through to learn more, shop, or read a blog post. Crafting a good Instagram bio that is relevant, engaging, and specific to your brand is key to capturing your audience and getting your community to engage with your website and business.

Here are the Top 5 Things to Include in Your Instagram Bio:

1. Contact name and information, like your email address and location

Include your full name or company name along with a way to contact your business in your bio. The contact information could be an email address, company location, or telephone number depending on how you want your community to get in touch with you.

Industry examples:

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

2. Your website, blog, or links to a specific post or product

Add your brand website to your bio in the area for the URL. If you have a specific article or link you want to track and/or promote, you can switch out your website homepage link with the specific URL to the page that you want followers to click on. You can also add a shoppable link to a specific product and details for any upcoming promotions or sales, and tell followers that the link to shop or learn more can be found in your bio.

Industry examples:

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

3. Social handles for other social profiles

Including the username for any other social channels you want to promote is a great way to get your Instagram community to connect with you on other platforms. Keeping your social handles fairly consistent makes it easy for followers to connect with you on other platforms. Include your username for platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Industry examples:

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

4. Branded hashtags or hashtag contests

If your brand has it’s own hashtag, be sure to add it in the bio so your community knows how to tag their photos. This way, you have the ability to collect user-generated content to repost at a later date by searching the hashtag. You can also add the hashtag for a contest or time stated campaign that you’re hosting.

Note: The hashtags in your bio area are only clickable via the web app, not the mobile app.

Industry examples:

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

5. Emojis

Include emojis in your bio to share a bit more personality with your Instagram community. Adding emojis to your Instagram bio makes your brand memorable, as a pop of colour via icon expression stands out more than simple text. Emojis are the closest thing to visual expression that there is in the app, and a few emojis can go great lengths in attracting the attention of followers.

Industry examples:

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Your Instagram Bio

Feature image by Mark Cornick via StockSnap

Winner of the 2015 Keep Australia Beautiful Gift Fund Award

How fantastic is that!!!!!
I just had a call from Keep Australia Beautiful National for the Victorian division. On Saturday night they had the awards ceremony, recognizing the efforts of so many awesome people, who contribute to the environment…
And I just found out I WON!!!
I have been awarded $1000 for the Keep Australia Beautiful Gift Fund 2015. On Saturday night, thanks to the supporters of this, now 😊 award winning campaign, I was able to donate $600 to the Dolphin Research Institute from part of the monies raised to date from the I’m really a Mermaid campaign.

Thank you to A Mini Kitchen in Rye and Sirene Sea Pearls in Dromana for selling the posters to the public, to share my message. I’d also like to thank big blue backyard for their donation of a 2 night stay to encourage people to support the environment and to Offshore Retreat who will be donating the next prize for this Summer!

Thank you everyone for your support and care for the world and its creatures
A big thank you also to Mornington Peninsula community for their support of this message

‪#‎imreallyamermaid‬ ‪#‎ifyouseeitpickitup‬ ‪#‎onetonnechallenge‬

Graphic Designers are problem solvers

Graphic designers, in people’s minds, often get lumped together with fine artists – when the truth is that we’re almost opposites. Artists create to inspire, to emote, to share something that’s uniquely theirs with the world – and the best art lets each viewer find their own interpretation. Designers, on the other hand, create to communicate – we’re visual-thinking problem solvers, and if people are interpreting our message in their own unique ways, well, then we’re just not very good at our job.

We’re visual communicators. We’re given a brief, which states a problem to solve, or a specific outcome that needs to be achieved, and we collect information and analyze it to figure out the best solution. And our success is determined by the measurable outcome of what we’ve created, not just by how pretty it looks.

The fun part is, graphic designers can use literally any visual medium to communicate our messages. We use shapes, colors, and fonts, on print design, websites and social media. We can use photography and animation. We can use billboards, walls or the faces of buildings. We can use anything if we really want to.

Whilst Josie Jones of Share the Word design studio has worked all facets of the design trail, Josie now undertakes her role as Creative Director – where she manages a creative team that creates visuals for product branding, advertising campaigns and so forth.

Whilst Josie creates popular culture and supports subcultures, Josie’s greatest passion is the environment. Her passion grew whilst living in the island of Tahiti, where she could see the world on a miniature scale, she saw that people required education to make them realize the effects they were having on the world around them.

“People don’t respond to being told what to do, people relate, whether they are difficult or easy going, people are all about relating, so rather than telling them, its far easier to make people aware. Awesome graphics are like a top of the charts songs, people can’t help but sing along. Singing isn’t my best skill, so I’ve used my passion, to create this work with my creative team, and I’m so excited to see people relate”

I have 2 simple messages says Josie, “Rubbish responsibly and aim for zero waste” To recycle effectively is so rewarding, to be mindful of what you buy is so important, the best definition of xero waste is “where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use” When people think of rubbish, they think of food, but rubbish is also effectively, clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics, the list goes on. What is actually rubbish is what is no longer considered valuable. The fact is rubbish holds a value, that is increasingly becoming recognized, as we lose land for space to fill and we find resourceful and inventive ways to up-cycle our waste, the future is very exciting when it comes to rubbish.

Unleash the mermaid within, be an example of an intelligent human being, rather than walk with the ignorant and get swept along in the storm that uneducated behavior brings.

I’m really a mermaid


Best ways to blog

This post was originally published on the SumAll Blog. SumAll is a teammate for digital marketers helping them do what they love, better. Get started with a free account at

In this article, the SumAll team shares tips and tricks that should help shed some light on how SEO may differ depending on if you want to optimize your blog versus website.

What You Should Know as a Blogger

Knowing the basics of SEO is an obvious prerequisite before we can understand how strategy may differ when it comes to optimize your blog. Blogging is a part of the entire SEO process in general so I would highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these basics before you read on. Here’s a useful guide if you want to dig deeper.

In general, it’s difficult to differentiate between blog SEO strategy versus regular SEO strategy since blogs are a component of the overall strategy. But regardless, blogging technology in tandem with search engine capabilities have great potential to provide the most useful and meaningful information in the most efficient way possible.

They say “content is king” in the SEO world, and it’s for this reason why blogs actually have a nice advantage over your average website. After all, creating a blog for your brand is at the heart of every good SEO plan to begin with.

1. Familiarize yourself with your master keyword list.

Your master keyword list is pretty much your own personal marketing thesaurus. Understanding your audience and how keyword phrases interact with search engines and your users is the most important part of creating a solid keyword list. Group relevant phrases together that you think a user may search for and put more of an emphasis on thinking like a human (really). And remember, search bots can’t read the content of images so take advantage of the images alt tags by making sure you add any relevant keywords here…only if it makes sense of course.
2. Post content on a regular basis to maintain “freshness”.

Website and blogs that generate new pages on a regular basis have the potential to create higher freshness scores, which will inevitably contribute to positive results. By “freshness” I mean new and relevant content that is up to date and useful. Search engines take this into consideration. The rate at which a blog increases in pages can also make search gods happy.

On the contrary, content that does become stale doesn’t necessarily lose value since search engines realize new content isn’t always better. Many factors are taken into account when deeming a page’s relevance with average amount of queries playing a large role. Take a look at this article if you’re interested in more information on freshness scores.
3. URL’s, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Categories, H1 tags

Search engines cache all of this information and return relevant queries based on the keyword entered. Ensuring all of these elements are well polished is important, takes a low amount of effort, and ultimately necessary for a strong showing in search engine results. Tying this all together with your master keyword plan makes it easy to drive organic traffic to your blog. If you want to increase unique visits and build organic traffic, understanding how keyword frequency works here is very important.
4. Add a rel=publisher tag if you have a google+ page to help optimize your blog.

As the name doesn’t suggest, this is for all branded websites, not just publishers. What rel=publisher does is allow the webmaster to form a verified connection between their site and google+. To get started with google authorship and publisher, check out this guide.
5. To paginate or not to paginate?

There is much debate in this area, but we here at SumAll planted our flag firmly in the pagination camp. For one, it provides smaller chunks to the viewer allowing for an easier read, and two, it places more attention on important call to actions. More siginificantly are the affects it has on page crawling. Your blog may be much more difficult for a search engine to crawl if it can’t define any logical site structure. This is also where maintaining clean URL rewriting comes into play.
6. Sharing buttons

Yes, we all are very familiar with overused sharing button that seems to exist on every webpage out there. The reason they (literally) stick around? They just work…but especially on blogs. My advice to to make it easy and engaging for the viewer to be inclined to use these buttons. You may as well design a new and engaging functionality here to stand out from the crowd since so many social media sharing plugins out there all look the same and soon become nothing more than graphic “noise” to the viewer.

A cure for any hangover

Reaching your market requires initiative and that’s something The Pavilion promotes with their “Eggs Benedict”

In the last 3 months I have been working closely alongside Warner Hedrick III for the transition of one of the most stunning locations for dining and functions on the Mornington Peninsula.

In these last 3 months I have been encouraged by the willingness of Warner and his team to embrace new ways of communicating to their clientele.

Warner a long time food and beverage leader, comes to the floor with such enthusiasm and pizazz, that just to encounter him in house, is an invitation in itself. I call him the “Clint Eastwood of the Peninsula” with his one liners and an infectious smile, his level of hospitality is certainly one for the Peninsula to aspire to.

The winter season ahead looks to be promising. The Pavilion is located beach side, with an outside deck, warmed with fire and cosy blankets, lit by candlelight in the evenings, you can dine in the dining room, for lunch and dinner by the open fire or enjoy breakfast in the Cocoa Bar.

Enjoy breakfast all day Mothers Day

The Pavilion will be serving breakfast daily as of May 13 from Wednesday 8am – 11.30am in the Cocoa Bar/Cafe



Top ways to get noticed

Everyone has a different approach to getting noticed. I’m sure in here you’ll find one to suite your approach

  1. Sponsor a contest. When you can find a larger business that’s running a contest, sponsoring it with your cash, products or services can put you in front of a lot of people throughout the entire promotion. People like to win – and you want to be associated with that powerful emotion.
  2. Create your own contest. Don’t let the other people have all the fun – turn the tables and create your own contests. You can use your own offerings as prizes, or seek out sponsors who will spread the word to their audiences about the promotion.
  3. Open your mouth. Public speaking is a huge way to get your brand seen – find relevant groups to speak to as often as you can. Teach what you know and position yourself as an expert that other influencers will talk about in the future.
  4. Open your ears. Again, turn the tables and invite someone interesting to speak at your offices – and then put the word out to the people you want to reach to attend and hear the speaker for themselves.
  5. Host someone’s event. Organizations and groups that can help spread the word about you often like to meet at different places throughout the year. Find a group you want to get noticed by, offer to host their next event, and use that time to network with them.
  6. Host your own event. No matter what you do, there’s something interesting you can create an event around – for example, host a industry-relevant workshop or create your own networking event.
  7. Write a book. There’s no mistaking it – business owners who write books get more attention and are perceived with greater authority in their field. Find something meaningful to your industry and write something worth reading.
  8. Offer “meta”-consulting services. Another way to get people to see your business as an authority worth talking about is to offer consulting services around your area of expertise. For example, if you are a software company, you can offer a small workshop on how to write better software.
  9. Get interviewed. Publications (both online and offline) are always hungry for content. Find a media outlet that serves your target audience and arrange an interview with them to get in front of qualified prospects.
  10. Get reviewed. People make buying decisions – and judge your brand – by the reviews they read. Offer your products or services to reviewers in exchange for a thorough writeup on their experience.
  11. Get “stepping stone” referrals. Think about the products and services customers go to right before they look for your offerings, and make arrangements with those providers to bring you up as a referral to their customers.
  12. Be a newsmaker. Both local and national outlets are always on the lookout for compelling stories – so give them one. Find a way to showcase something your company is doing that is cutting-edge, human-interest or unique.
  13. Get behind a cause. This goes beyond the one-time contest sponsorship at the top of this list – become part of the yearly fundraising efforts of a worthy cause and you can find yourself getting repeated exposure each time a new fund drive begins. The positive PR doesn’t hurt, either.
  14. Create a referral program. Finding new customers is expensive, so create an incentive for people to spread the word about you. A generous referral commission program may get your company all the word-of-mouth business you can handle.
  15. Start a blog. You don’t have to be a “pro blogger” to start a blog – a basic company blog that has regular updates can bring you significant amounts of web search traffic over the long run (and in today’s world, it’s also a sign of being a business authority as well).
  16. Interview others. By featuring interviews with other people on your blog or website, you can tap into their audience as most people like to promote their own interviews.
  17. Write a guest post. Guest posting on a well-read blog is a powerful way to get in front of a new audience and get noticed. Find blogs that are targeted to your audience and follow some basic guest posting guidelines to get the most out of what you write.
  18. Feature a guest post. Tap into other’ audiences a second time by offering others the chance to guest post on your blog. As with interviews, they will spread the word and point people to your site.
  19. Participate on blogs and forums. Join comments and conversations on blogs and forums to boost your visibility in front of your target audience (and learn more about them at the same time).
  20. Take a stand. When you take an unconventional or controversial stand on something because you believe it’s right, you can get a lot of attention. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up and be known as someone who takes a passionate stance on issues.
  21. Work on SEO. Whether you have a blog or a website, your search rankings are only as good as your search engine optimization. If you don’t know where to start, read this article to learn how to get noticed by Google and company.
  22. Write a press release. People still write press releases because they work – when done right. Find a company that does it well and get the word out there.
  23. Start a newsletter. Having a regularly published newsletter tells people you have something worth reading and something worth passing along to others. Write useful content let your subscribers spread the message.
  24. Write articles. Another useful way to show up in search engines is to submit short, relevant articles to article directories around the web. You’ll not only create useful back links to your site, but position yourself to be found by more web searchers.
  25. Make a video. YouTube and other video upload sites can be powerful ways to get a fast-spreading message about your company out there. Learn from those who do “viral video” well.
  26. Do a podcast. Do a web search for ‘podcast’ and discover just how many web sites do interviews with people every day – and then line yourself up for an interview of your own.
  27. Get on the radio. Radio ads are expensive – but interviews are free. Brainstorm something newsworthy and contact your local radio stations to see if they’ll interview you about it.
  28. Offer a discount to other companies. Many employers and membership sites offer discounts on products and services to their members. By offering a discount of your own, you can get our name in front of all those people quickly and effectively.
  29. Trade ad space with a partner. Find a related company that has an audience you want to reach and swap ads on your website, blog or print publication. It’s easy, free, and can get you noticed by new prospects.
  30. Go “half-and-half” on ads. Big ads get noticed, but are expensive; consider splitting the cost with a relevant partner and making an ad that promotes both of you.
  31. Give publicity to others. In this world, givers get. Take opportunities to publicly spread the good word on other companies and what goes around will come around.
  32. Work the influencers. Get on good terms with industry influencers and help them find valuable contacts and solutions to their problems, and many will repay you by putting you in front of their audiences.
  33. Focus on a niche. It’s a lot easier to become a big fish in a small pond than the other way around. Once you’re a big fish in one pond, it makes hopping to the next one easier.
  34. Give incredible customer service. Nothing beats great customer service for generating word-of-mouth advertising. Go the extra mile for a customer and they’ll come back to you – with their friends.
  35. Do the right thing. In today’s world, people are jaded and skeptical of businesses – and with good reason. Surprise people by always doing the right thing and acting with integrity in all you do, and what goes around will come around. And that’s just good business.

Working together

“Those who are quick to criticize and slow to praise, bring down a team”

If you’re shaking your head, saying “I know one of these” then welcome to the club.
If you’re not, then, you’re either fortunate, never worked in a team, or come from another planet. The fact is, great teams are built on great members, all willing and able to participate with a common goal in mind. The thought of that makes my heart sing

That’s what makes our work unique: we whole heartedly care about your goal. In fact, most times, we assist clients in establishing clear goals and objectives. I liken what we do to a french expression ‘esprit de corps’ A direct translation means, the ‘spirit of body’, it’s actual meaning is ‘sense of unity,’ of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise or idea.

Employing a designer is all about team work. As a designer, integrity is everything, someone comes to you, with a part of them that they call, their dream, or their idea, their business, or their goal and that takes courage and trust.

Each time a new client finds me, the excitement that fills me, is what stirs the creative light within me, people often say to me, “you’re amazing”, they ask me “How do I do it” and really it’s simple. I know everyday I am part of a team, my team is not defined by a building I enter everyday, or a contract I am engaged in, but it is defined by opportunity.

After years of industry experience, I am fortunate to sit back knowing that at any time an opportunity to be [art of a spontaneous team can appear and my job is to do one thing and that is to define the goal and reach it with my client at the forefront of that goal. What a job I have, what a privileged position I am in and what an honor it is to serve as a valuable team member

Here’s 3 cheers to all my team members both past, present and future

Where to begin

You hear it all the time
“Everything is moving so fast, you don’t know how to keep up”

Lets take the guess work out of this social media stuff and make it simple
Here’s 2 keys
Make it fun and be sincere. Living by these 2 principles in social media will not only have you taking the “speed”and “rate” of technology in your stride, but you will be having fun whilst doing it.
Social media is all about sharing news and views and whilst some of those things may pass like the wind, others may stick and begin to create change and influence and one of those things might be yours.

At Share The Word, we look after the social media interests of several well know clients, who genuinely care about being, up to date and in the game of social media influence, yet are time pressed and employ professionals like us to express their goals and philosophies and we do it with fun.

Having industry experience and the ‘where to go’ on: content, social links and the whose who of social interest, we take social media as an integral avenue for business to communicate in a fun and affective way, whilst building relationships with potential clients as well as industry associates.

The old ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’, is a great principle for social media
Use this to your advantage and others, take the time out to see what others are doing and share that news and before to long, you’ll find others will be doing the same for you.