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Going to the source to lessen the litter

MOST rubbish entering the bay comes from car parks and the street. So, to reduce the amount of rubbish finding its way onto the foreshore and into the water meant cleaning up street litter – especially outside shops and supermarkets.

And that’s a task Rye resident Josie Jones excelled in: so much so that the graphic designer was last week awarded the Litter Prevention prize in the Keep Victoria Beautiful 2017 Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards.

The presentation was made at Horsham, in the Wimmera, on Saturday 25 November.

The Victorian Tidy Towns program, first run in 1983, sets out to recognise and applaud the hard work of people and groups, especially in rural communities, and to share these best practices and ideas.

This year’s awards were supported by Awards Online and Coopers Brewery.

Victorian Tidy Towns judge Terry O’Brien said: “In April this year, Josephine Jones undertook an incredible challenge. She collected nearly four tonnes of rubbish from the foreshore, referencing the material and identifying it as coming from the local supermarket car park.

“Josephine convinced the supermarket to address this problem through cleaning schedules and litter prevention initiatives, such as recycle bins.”

Keep Victoria Beautiful CEO Sabina Wills said: “The success of this project increased the protection of the local marine environment. It empowered the local community to set high standards to prevent and reduce litter in their community.”

Ms Jones, who won the KVB Tidy Towns: Dame Phyllis Frost Award in 2016 for her “outstanding commitment to her work in sustainability”, said she used the award to approach Woolworth’s Rye supermarket management to “be part of the solution” in reducing car park litter.

“[Litter] used to be a blame game but, after I went back to them for the fourth time, to their credit, Woolworth’s took the initiative,” she said.

Using the nickname “The one-tonne mermaid”, which she received for collecting 4.2 tonnes of litter at Rye after weekly beach clean-ups, Ms Jones says she is trying to reinvent the sentiment of the Life Be In It and Keep Australia Beautiful campaigns.

This thinking led her to act on the supermarket car park which she described as a disgrace. “There were hundreds of cigarette butts, papers and rubbish everywhere,” she said.

“I got the Scouts, staff at the supermarket and members of the community and I asked the shire to be transparent with maps to see who was littering. We managed to more than halve the amount of litter ending up on the foreshore.”

The self-employed mother of a 13-year-old is unabashed in urging the community to back her stance: “We need people to support us and we want to inspire the community.”

Part of the urge to inspire relates to making us think – and act: “If you are down the beach and the bins are full then take your extra rubbish home,” she said.

“Don’t just leave rubbish on the ground where it will eventually be blown into the water.

“It takes courage to think outside the square. If we don’t clean up our foreshore areas our kids will not experience it as we did.

“We have a beautiful country and it deserves to be respected.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 5 December 2017 STORY BY Stephen Taylor

Mornington Peninsula magazine writes on I’m really a mermaid

Local designer Josie Jones continues to give back to the ocean with her ‘I’m really a Mermaid’ poster campaign.  Inspired by the ocean and the recent birth of another baby common dolphin to our Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, will see a release of a new poster, with all funds raised going back to the Dolphin Research Institute.

This year Josie was awarded the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Gift fund award’ for her contri-butions to the environment and a chance for local community to get behind her great work.

Go into the draw to win a 2 night stay at the beach side accommodation Offshore Retreat when you purchase a poster of your choice from the 6 designs currently available.

Purchase a Poster of your choice online from OR from the fabulous, environmentally focused, local café A Mini Kitchen in Rye or Marine Biologist lead Sirene Sea Pearls in Dromana

Mornington Peninsula Magazine article link

Winner of the 2015 Keep Australia Beautiful Gift Fund Award

How fantastic is that!!!!!
I just had a call from Keep Australia Beautiful National for the Victorian division. On Saturday night they had the awards ceremony, recognizing the efforts of so many awesome people, who contribute to the environment…
And I just found out I WON!!!
I have been awarded $1000 for the Keep Australia Beautiful Gift Fund 2015. On Saturday night, thanks to the supporters of this, now 😊 award winning campaign, I was able to donate $600 to the Dolphin Research Institute from part of the monies raised to date from the I’m really a Mermaid campaign.

Thank you to A Mini Kitchen in Rye and Sirene Sea Pearls in Dromana for selling the posters to the public, to share my message. I’d also like to thank big blue backyard for their donation of a 2 night stay to encourage people to support the environment and to Offshore Retreat who will be donating the next prize for this Summer!

Thank you everyone for your support and care for the world and its creatures
A big thank you also to Mornington Peninsula community for their support of this message

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I’m really a mermaid – Season 2

I’m really a Mermaid is a passion project that has gathered a large amount of attention due to the fact that so many people do care about the environment. Whilst Series 2 is now being created, Series 1 will continue this Summer 2015/16, offering a new chance to WIN and exciting 2 night stay at a beach stay with character, Offshore Retreat in the fantastic St Andrews Beach on the Mornington Peninsula.

Look out this Summer for a teaser of what is to come in Series 2. As we communicate to the locals and to the holiday makers through a set of postcards that will be free over the Summer period, how important it is to recycle and keep Australia beautiful.

This summer is an offering a chance to stay nestled amongst the sand dunes of St Andrews beach, as you laze away in the 6 seater jacuzzi, with the sun setting and the sound of the ocean, drowns away any worries you may have had. Offshore Retreat is located a 5 minute walk from the Rye back beach, choose one of 4 possible stays. All you have to do is support the poster series, by purchasing your copy from either the gorgeous beachside cafe A Mini Kitchen or Sirene Sea Pearls in Dromana

Join us this season in your support for I’m really a mermaid, who aims for zero waste, recycles responsibly and is continuing to collect rubbish as part of the “One Tonne Challenge” now up to nearly 2 tonnes of documented rubbish collection from the foreshore of the Mornington Peninsula.


Graphic Designers are problem solvers

Graphic designers, in people’s minds, often get lumped together with fine artists – when the truth is that we’re almost opposites. Artists create to inspire, to emote, to share something that’s uniquely theirs with the world – and the best art lets each viewer find their own interpretation. Designers, on the other hand, create to communicate – we’re visual-thinking problem solvers, and if people are interpreting our message in their own unique ways, well, then we’re just not very good at our job.

We’re visual communicators. We’re given a brief, which states a problem to solve, or a specific outcome that needs to be achieved, and we collect information and analyze it to figure out the best solution. And our success is determined by the measurable outcome of what we’ve created, not just by how pretty it looks.

The fun part is, graphic designers can use literally any visual medium to communicate our messages. We use shapes, colors, and fonts, on print design, websites and social media. We can use photography and animation. We can use billboards, walls or the faces of buildings. We can use anything if we really want to.

Whilst Josie Jones of Share the Word design studio has worked all facets of the design trail, Josie now undertakes her role as Creative Director – where she manages a creative team that creates visuals for product branding, advertising campaigns and so forth.

Whilst Josie creates popular culture and supports subcultures, Josie’s greatest passion is the environment. Her passion grew whilst living in the island of Tahiti, where she could see the world on a miniature scale, she saw that people required education to make them realize the effects they were having on the world around them.

“People don’t respond to being told what to do, people relate, whether they are difficult or easy going, people are all about relating, so rather than telling them, its far easier to make people aware. Awesome graphics are like a top of the charts songs, people can’t help but sing along. Singing isn’t my best skill, so I’ve used my passion, to create this work with my creative team, and I’m so excited to see people relate”

I have 2 simple messages says Josie, “Rubbish responsibly and aim for zero waste” To recycle effectively is so rewarding, to be mindful of what you buy is so important, the best definition of xero waste is “where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use” When people think of rubbish, they think of food, but rubbish is also effectively, clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics, the list goes on. What is actually rubbish is what is no longer considered valuable. The fact is rubbish holds a value, that is increasingly becoming recognized, as we lose land for space to fill and we find resourceful and inventive ways to up-cycle our waste, the future is very exciting when it comes to rubbish.

Unleash the mermaid within, be an example of an intelligent human being, rather than walk with the ignorant and get swept along in the storm that uneducated behavior brings.

I’m really a mermaid


I’m really a mermaid!

3 months into the 1 tonne rubbish challenge and I’m challenged, weighing in at 417kg

Picking up rubbish around the average size of 3cm and collecting daily around 6kg,  I came to realize, I need to create more awareness in others. In many ways I feel like the mermaid messenger, calling for awareness to my local community and friends, that the disease of rubbish can no longer be ignored, that we still have a choice to do something before it’s too late.

This summer will see the release of 2 designs along side a media campaign on rubbish on the Mornington Peninsula. Although my heart is set on making the mantra “If you see it, pick it up” take on a world wide adoption, I see that you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. With the creation of I’m just a mermaid, I hope to create awareness of the ocean, through the child like romanticism of the mermaid.

Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. In other folk traditions (or sometimes within the same tradition), they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans. Either way the mermaid is a known symbol world wide and is the perfect representative for the ocean and what we are doing by our disposal of rubbish globally.

The ocean is dying says Sylvia Earle, the greatest living ocean explorer, on the new documentary ‘Mission Blue’ where she speaks for the ocean and has made it her life purpose , her mission blue; protect the ocean in the same way we now protect the land. Syliva says “I wish for a global network of marine protected areas, to save and restore the ocean”

I agree with Syliva. if you’d like to be a part of the oceans salvation, look out for a “I’m really a mermaid” sticker this summer and show your support for the life, that support us.

“If you see it, pick it up” thank you

Josie Jones

A little about Josie

Is a freelance designer of 18 years, daily she allocates 2 hours per morning from her day in which she has collected rubbish for the last 2 and half years. “For me it’s exercise” says Josie. “In my work I am exposed to many people in business and it is so important to maintain integrity. Collecting rubbish is another level of integrity, it shows you really care, because you’re not paid to do it, you’re motivated by making a difference and in all my years of work. I see failure, short or long-term, every-time money is the motivator. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, if money is your focus, you will not be offering the best and in doing so, you will begin to fail. Always aim to do your best and be a part of the solution, that way success will always be your guide”


Best ways to blog

This post was originally published on the SumAll Blog. SumAll is a teammate for digital marketers helping them do what they love, better. Get started with a free account at

In this article, the SumAll team shares tips and tricks that should help shed some light on how SEO may differ depending on if you want to optimize your blog versus website.

What You Should Know as a Blogger

Knowing the basics of SEO is an obvious prerequisite before we can understand how strategy may differ when it comes to optimize your blog. Blogging is a part of the entire SEO process in general so I would highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these basics before you read on. Here’s a useful guide if you want to dig deeper.

In general, it’s difficult to differentiate between blog SEO strategy versus regular SEO strategy since blogs are a component of the overall strategy. But regardless, blogging technology in tandem with search engine capabilities have great potential to provide the most useful and meaningful information in the most efficient way possible.

They say “content is king” in the SEO world, and it’s for this reason why blogs actually have a nice advantage over your average website. After all, creating a blog for your brand is at the heart of every good SEO plan to begin with.

1. Familiarize yourself with your master keyword list.

Your master keyword list is pretty much your own personal marketing thesaurus. Understanding your audience and how keyword phrases interact with search engines and your users is the most important part of creating a solid keyword list. Group relevant phrases together that you think a user may search for and put more of an emphasis on thinking like a human (really). And remember, search bots can’t read the content of images so take advantage of the images alt tags by making sure you add any relevant keywords here…only if it makes sense of course.
2. Post content on a regular basis to maintain “freshness”.

Website and blogs that generate new pages on a regular basis have the potential to create higher freshness scores, which will inevitably contribute to positive results. By “freshness” I mean new and relevant content that is up to date and useful. Search engines take this into consideration. The rate at which a blog increases in pages can also make search gods happy.

On the contrary, content that does become stale doesn’t necessarily lose value since search engines realize new content isn’t always better. Many factors are taken into account when deeming a page’s relevance with average amount of queries playing a large role. Take a look at this article if you’re interested in more information on freshness scores.
3. URL’s, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Categories, H1 tags

Search engines cache all of this information and return relevant queries based on the keyword entered. Ensuring all of these elements are well polished is important, takes a low amount of effort, and ultimately necessary for a strong showing in search engine results. Tying this all together with your master keyword plan makes it easy to drive organic traffic to your blog. If you want to increase unique visits and build organic traffic, understanding how keyword frequency works here is very important.
4. Add a rel=publisher tag if you have a google+ page to help optimize your blog.

As the name doesn’t suggest, this is for all branded websites, not just publishers. What rel=publisher does is allow the webmaster to form a verified connection between their site and google+. To get started with google authorship and publisher, check out this guide.
5. To paginate or not to paginate?

There is much debate in this area, but we here at SumAll planted our flag firmly in the pagination camp. For one, it provides smaller chunks to the viewer allowing for an easier read, and two, it places more attention on important call to actions. More siginificantly are the affects it has on page crawling. Your blog may be much more difficult for a search engine to crawl if it can’t define any logical site structure. This is also where maintaining clean URL rewriting comes into play.
6. Sharing buttons

Yes, we all are very familiar with overused sharing button that seems to exist on every webpage out there. The reason they (literally) stick around? They just work…but especially on blogs. My advice to to make it easy and engaging for the viewer to be inclined to use these buttons. You may as well design a new and engaging functionality here to stand out from the crowd since so many social media sharing plugins out there all look the same and soon become nothing more than graphic “noise” to the viewer.

Questions and Answers


Finding the right person for your business or idea comes down to asking questions and asking the right questions. Some important points to focus on are; What do I need? What will I be doing and What files will I need to bring those things to life? When do I need it by?
Am I aware of my 5 W’s? Who, What Where When and Why? Can I measure the success of what I want to achieve with my designer?

All of these questions are important to bringing your visions to life. Too many times I hear how someone has not fulfilled a project, but on looking further, I see it’s because they didn’t ask themselves these important questions.


A good Designer will always ask, “What is your budget?” Many people are afraid that if they say how much they have to work with, they may  have been able to get it at a cheaper price. A professional has a price structure for you to follow, if you don’t feel comfortable saying how much you have to spend on your vision, or you haven’t allocated a promotional/ design or marketing budget to your business; now is the time to work it
out.  Every business needs to invest in the intellectual property of their  business, investing in a creative, is investing in the value and potential sale value of your business.


When you employ a professional, your work needs to achieve results. A great quote once said “Man goes where his vision is” and no one isexempt from this method of delivery. Know what you’d like to achieve and expect to feel like a champion at the end of your engagement. When a client comes to us and asks if we can help them achieve, we say,
yes, with enthusiasm and excitement, because that person trust us to deliver them a confident future with their business, ideas, product or service.

Make your dreams possible by employing the right person for your project,not everyone will fit your mix, but always ask them to refer you on if you feel you could find someone better.


Finding the right graphic designer is important, not every designer you speak to will speak your language. Chose a designer that people refer to as someone who can listen to your visions. Choose a Designer that can not only design, but has a marketing and communications background.
When you come to your designer, have examples of your style ready so that your designer can interpret your expectations, we all create ideas  from what already exists. Create a board of ideas and be prepared to
express your vision.


I have been dealing with Josie Jones from Share the Word Design Studio for the past few years on a number of projects. It’s the diverse range  of talents, willingness to help and positive energy that sets Josie apart. Whether it’s creating a logo, a brand, design layout for print and web,  business marketing strategies or the best way to use social media representation, there are no limits with Share the Word. Managing time,  workflow and deadlines are so important in any business, Josie has always been clear and prompt in communicating the design process  and time frames. Josie has an huge understanding of honesty, professionalism and integrity and it shows with her work and relationships
with clients. Being involved in a local community, we always hear great things about Josie and Share the Word Design Studio. An energetic  can do attitude, passion for design and life, gives us full confidence in using Josie and Share the Word, moving forward with our business.

James Ross, Mornington Peninsula Gardens and Lifestyle Magazine

The 1 Tonne Challenge

As I walked back along the path, I watched as the sun shone for the first time today. Through the trees I saw a lady walking along where I have spent the last 2 hours collecting rubbish. I reflected on how she’d have no idea I had been there and she could enjoy walking a distance of 2km without any sign of the modern world.

I had a moment on today’s walk where I walked 8 steps and had not one sign of rubbish, my heart felt a sense of peace and I realized that’s why I do what I do, “If I see it, I pick it up”

Collecting Rubbish didn’t start 3 days ago, but documenting it did. As a designer with an extensive advertising background, I daily rack my brain on how I may communicate to people the damage they cause by not recycling, by littering and by not assuming any responsibility for rubbish they see; yet they refuse to pick it up.

The words, rubbish, environment, litter, pollution, recycle have become deaf words to our ears, in our attempts to find inner peace, we refuse to listen to the reality of the effects of rubbish and as a community would rather point fingers or blame others, than let it begin with us.

That’s where this is different. Starting 3 days ago I decided to take on the 1 tonne challenge; to collect 1 tonne of rubbish, in the hope that I set an example of my mantra “If you see it pick it up” From a marketing perspective I will not make a bag to support my cause, nor a badge or any other paraphernalia to communicate my cause, however I will design for myself a T-shirt in which I will get to wear once I have reached my goal of 1 tonne of rubbish and in doing so I will show the effects on my body from undertaking the collection of 1 tonne of rubbish.

On the course of this challenge I will not ask anyone for help, however I welcome anyone who would like to join the challenge. All you need to do is email me and let me know, alternatively you can post on my business Facebook page of Share The Word Design Studio, with your support or ideas.

Ideally, I’d love to receive sponsorship and donate the monies to a worthy charity, such as Sea Sheppard, for now, I will let this challenge unfold, as I believe that anything successful in life is driven by “passion and inspiration” My true passion is the gift of the ocean and my inspiration are the magical creatures that exist within it. They deserve our respect and this is the best way I can begin.

In the course of the 1 tonne, I estimate it will take me 191 days to complete: if I take the statistics of rubbish collection, over the last 3 days. Today I collected 1237 pieces of rubbish off the beach, the pieces range in size from 1cm pieces of plastic, bottle tops, plastics bags, chocolate wrappers through to plastics lids and containers. The items I am collecting are what most people wouldn’t bother with, but it’s the small items that are causing the damage.

We can make a difference, by aiming for zero waste in our own lives, by educating ourselves on the real effects of plastics on our food and our bodies and making choices that will affect your life and flow onto the generations to come.

“If you see it, pick it up” thank you

Josie Jones

A little about Josie

Is a freelance designer of 18 years, daily she allocates 2 hours per morning from her day in which she has collected rubbish for the last 2 and half years. “For me it’s exercise” says Josie. “In my work I am exposed to many people in business and it is so important to maintain integrity. Collecting rubbish is another level of integrity, it shows you really care, because you’re not paid to do it, you’re motivated by making a difference and in all my years of work, I see failure, short or long-term, every-time money is the motivator. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, if money is your focus, you will not be offering the best and in doing so, you will begin to fail, always aim to do your best and be a part of the solution, that way success will always be your guide”

Greater is the Gift of Giving

Greater is the gift of Giving

Australian Marine Conservation Society shares poster to raise funds, help Sharks, thanks to Share The Word Design Studio. LINK

Do you want to help us put a stop to the Shark cull proposed by the Western Australian Government? We understand that one can feel helpless and overwhelmed when faced with issues of environmental protection. So we have created two simple avenues for you to add your support to protecting our sharks.

1. Add your voice to thousands of others and sign the petition to call on the Government of Western Australia to rethink its plans to bait and kill sharks. Let us raise our voices together, in strength so that the message becomes loud and clear.

2. When you Buy this Poster, $2 of every sale goes to The Australian Marine Conservation Society*. These funds will help to keep the pressure on the Government to rethink their plan to kill sharks and other ocean wild life species.

Order online at:  PAYPAL PAGE

Available in A3 size on glossed paper.

Wholesale Price $12.50 (minimum order of 10)

Individual price  $20

(Gather your friends and buy in bulk to save on postage and carbon costs!)

Buy in store at:

A Mini Kitchen, Rye Victoria

Picknics café, Rye Victoria.

Friends of the Earth, Collingwood Victoria.

This poster was made by Share The Word Design Studio in conjunction with Christian Gundesen Ocean Art.

Special orders at different sizes can me arranged at email:

*The Australian Marine Conservation Society Australia is the only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

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