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Melbourne comes to life

Sometimes a job comes along that really tests you. Not only does it test your skill set, but it tests your ability to look outside what is, to research and explore the elements that you are creating. Then to work with your client, to bring forth this magical moment, where their small, but definite changes brings together the entire work, of Melbourne City and Skyline, is inspiring!!

The breif given for the landscape is a wall at the docklands within an apartment, to which the client has requested a custom wall, mapping Melbourne, it’s landscape, it’s icons and to then incorporate some of their own personal attributes.

The personal elements of this landscape measuring 2.2 meters by 4.3 meters includes, street signs they grew up in, Qantas airplanes with personal numbering, dates of birth which take place of the score board of the MCG, their football teams and legends, like Ron Clarke lighting the Olympic Torch a man who passed away this year, one of the great distance runners of the 20th century.

The scene is set in 2 parts with a top sky line of Melbourne city, showing landmarks such as the MCG, Skipping Girl, The star wheel, docks and city buildings to bring your eye down to a mix of the majestic, iconic buildings and art. Here appears the likes of Chloe the famous naked woman of, also included, Young and Jackson’s, Pellegrini’s, Oggi’s, The Palace Theatre, Flinders street, Princess Bridge, old school trams, Luna park, the classic one legged seagull and much much more.

As a creative director, the elements that compliment this artwork are the small hidden items. These keep the viewer not only captivated, but also they become intimate with the detail of the scape, as they are required to find 3 hidden hooks inserted into the landscape. Like the famous Geoff Hook (Jeff Hook) of the Herald Sun who celebrate a 25th anniversary today, with a cover that somehow reflects the sentiment of this landscape. This artwork is certainly impressive and will be an amazing talking point over any dinner party.

I learned many great things along the way with this landscape, I came to know that a good friends great grand father Charles D’ebro, designed and engineered the Princess bridge. I photographed a real life, one legged seagull in the making of this landscape, I now know that dolphins have been seen up the Yarra River and I came to appreciate my client on a whole new level, by them allowing me to know many intimate stories of their time together a husband and wife. I could not help but admire their love and the love they have for their son and daughter, also a client of mine;  The cake goddess, Amy Minichiello of A Mini Kitchen, who can also be found in the scape along with her brother.

If you’d like to see this in person…you’ll have to get invited for dinner : ))

Come see what “Dinner” looks like!

Christian Gundesen creates “Expressions of the ocean” as he appears as the Featured Sculptor Dromana Art Show 2015. See Christian turn rubbish into a living expression of the ocean, that will have you standing in awe.

Join us at the Dromana Art Show in it’s  41st year of vibrant collaboration between Dromana Primary School and Dromana Rotary Club. It is bigger and more exciting than ever, showcasing contemporary and traditional works across a range of mediums.

This year sees the ever talented Christian Gundesen as the featured sculptor. Christian will be exhibiting 6 unique pieces created especially for this show and we are certain, it’s not to be missed.

Using his traditional cuttlebone carvings, this exhibition sees Christian move into other mediums, such as carving the lead of a pencil, turning rubbish into a living expression of the ocean and cuttlebone pieces that will have you standing in awe.

This year will see Christian Sculpt a piece entitled “Dinner” inspired by the collection of rubbish from the Mornignton Peninsula foreshore, in the “One Tonne Challenge” led by Creative Director, Josie Jones. Visualise her quest to keep Port Phillip bay clean, respecting all marine life and preserving a unique coastal environment, when you see Christina turn what she collects into an inspiring piece of art.

Be inspired by other artists, such as the works of David Day, recently on ABC Open – a fantastic resource for the positive effects of  recycling and turning rubbish into art.

Join us for the 41st annual Dromana Art Show and come see what Dinner looks like!

Melbourne Cup Weekend see the opening night, Friday October 30th 7pm – LATE

Image thanks to inspiring art by Mandy Barker international award winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris has received global recognition. The motivation for her work is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans whilst highlighting the harmful affect on marine life and ultimately ourselves.

Her series SOUP has been published in over 20 countries including Time Magazine,
The Guardian, The Financial Times, Smithsonian, GEO and The Explorers Journal.
She has exhibited globally from The Photographers’ Gallery, Somerset House,
The Mall and Cork Street Galleries in London, to The Aperture Foundation New York
and The Science and Technology Park in Hong Kong. Her work is currently touring the
United States as part of the exhibition, Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, that began at The
Anchorage Museum in Alaska. She has been selected as a winner for many awards
including the LensCulture Earth Award 2015 and has been nominated twice for the
prestigious Prix Pictet award, the world’s leading photographic award in sustainability.

For more inspiring rubbish art

Christian Gundesen – Ocean Art’s Graphic designer

Christian Gundesen may well be the only person in the world who makes ocean-themed
sculptures out of cuttlefish bone. The Rye-based artist is fast making a name for himself
for his unique and astounding creations, some of which take hundreds of hours to
meticulously craft.

A keen surfer and diver with a deep appreciation for the ocean, Christian one day
realised that cuttlefish bone had a similar texture to surfboard foam. He began making
little replica surfboards, using hand files to shape and mould the bone. While the replica
boards became very popular, Christian desired to explore under the sea and expand
on his craft.

He decided to up the ante by sculpting an abalone shell from cuttlebone. Next came a
mussel shell and, he stepped it up, with a complex weedy sea dragon. What followed
was a newfound confidence, and a whole ocean of weird and wonderful creatures to create.

“After that, I thought, ‘I can make anything’.” Seahorses, sharks, turtles, manta rays,
humpback whales, a pod of dolphins and a pelican with a fish in its mouth are just some
of the subjects Christian has successfully completed.

He is currently working on a school of 30 hammerhead sharks, which has taken more
than 200 hours and is likely to be donated for an auction. “It’s always hard to think of
something different,” says the artist. This is where collborating with his partner, a graphic
designer, comes in handy. Together, they work on the composition of the pieces and
their mutual creativity is a huge asset to the finished product.

New Zealand-born Christian has always been good with his hands. He moved to Australia
to take on a job in wetsuit repairs, in which there are only a selected few in the country who
still perform this rare and difficult skill. In his spare time, he enjoys freediving and
takes beautiful underwater photographs, which is where the inspiration for many of his
sculptures comes from.

When it comes to his art, Christian is incredibly patient, even when a piece breaks five
or six times. Once a commissioned sculpture is complete, he takes great pride in
witnessing the joy his clients get when they see it for the first time. People drive from
all across Australia to collect the works.

Christian’s direction as an artist changed when he met creative director,Josie Jones of Share the Word Design Studio. They met to look into how Christian’s work could be seen clearly and communicated that they were made from cuttle-bone, driftwood and the like. “As a designer, I had never worked with an artisit, but my instincts worked well with Christian. I decided that Christian required a profile and a stamp like design, as his experience of hand craft was derived from jewellery and his ability to create the fine arts was something I admired. He deserved to be noticed” Said Josie

Both Christian and Josie have worked closely together for just over 2 years and in this time, Christian has managed to gauge a greater level of success and exposure due to his branding experience

“I only ever wanted to be an artist if I could find something unique to do,” he says.
“I feel blessed that I’ve been able to come across this.” When people see Christian’s work
for the first time and realise the detailed sea creatures are made from cuttlefish bone,
their reaction is typically the same. “They usually swear,” he says with a laugh.

See more of Christian’s work on his recently launched website, and learn more about
the interesting sea creatures he sculpts at created by Share The Word Design Studio.

“As an artist I needed something and someone who could take what I do to another level. I can create beautiful pieces of art, but they need to be presented in a way that compliments it’s beauty. Almost like an elegant gift needs to be wrapped to show it’s value. Josie’s work is that wrapping paper. Josie has given my work and me an identity a presence an elegance. She has also giving me a gift of her knowledge, experience, creativity and enthusiasm. She has taken Oceanart to a higher level of professionalism. I thank you Josie for seeing what you see and creating what you create and sharing that with me. We have had a Whale of a time 🙂 From the bottom of my sea. Oceans of love and gratitude”, says Christian Gundesen in his testimonial of his work with Josie

You can also follow ‘Christian Gundesen Oceanart’ on Facebook.

Two things define you. Pateince and Attitude

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and, your attitude when you have everything. I believe that everyone would like to add the virtue of patience to his/her personal attributes. Patience gives to us something we can not achieve unless we seek its understanding. Patience gives, wisdom, insight, happiness, where trouble may normally reside, peace where stress can reign supreme and understanding that everything has a time.

In this modern age, we see people are less patient and more demanding, with an expectation that everything needs to be delivered quickly and with little intention. Whilst those of us who have been around a little longer, have come to see the rewards that come from projects or life experiences that evolve over time. Projects that required extra effort, where there was little to no reward in the process, but when the big day comes, it comes with glory, surrounded by those who sincerely enjoy your success and a heart felt gratitude which propels you towards yet another dream.

Our attitudes are born out of our understanding and whilst some people may be too busy judging or not admitting their low sense of self, by degrading others to make themselves bigger, there are those people in life who truly seek to first understand. In doing so, it gives them a great sense of peace, in turn patience and therefore a brilliant attitude in any situation. Whether it be success or challenges, they are able to see the wisdom in any experience and share this those they love and cherish.

As a designer and creative director on the Mornington Peninsula, I work with many variations in character and find that people react in variant degrees of stress and anxiety through a design process. It is, and can be a stressful process to communicate to someone else their inner desires and to feel they will be successful in achieving the picture they have inside their head.

This is the part of my work that I love, as I am a visual communicator and whilst a person describes to me the thoughts and feelings they have towards their work, desire, product or outcome. I am able to visually see what they are saying to me, it’s this library mind of reference that inspires me to create for others and whilst not all designers are visual thinkers, we are as stated in our previous post, “designers are problem solvers’ and we love solving the distance between one persons mind to the reality of visual communication.

So the next time you’d like to see where you are going, take a look at your attitude and be patient with yourself. Take the time to truly express your vision, because your dreams are real and they’re important  to be realized, as they make up the puzzle of this glorious world we live in.



Many hats – Social Media

Marketing says; “To reach your clients, you must think like your clients”.

When it comes to social media. It’s not about selling, the best approach is relating!

Social media is not about being the most popular, it’s also not about selling or showing off your best wares. It’s about relating and acknowledging others for their efforts, contributions and offerings, to what ever you are sharing.

The best example of social media is that people love to relate, to connect and to share common interests and likes, facebook meets this sociological aspect of the people, by relating. We know that emotions can be contagious in person-to-person settings, but not much was known about whether emotions can spread in the same way online

The News Feed is designed to show content that is relevant to the audience, rather than showing all possible content out there. According to Brian Boland, Boland suggests, “it is important to publish content that teaches people something valuable, entertains them and makes them think creatively.” This is the reason Boland says that Facebook’s organic reach is more effective when you take advantage of paid media to meet your goal.

Thanks to William Johnson here are some tips on reaching your clients without paying for your reach as the organic reach changes dramatically due to algorithms.

Create Engaging Content

Create good, quality content that people actually want to see and increase engagement with your fans. Re-share old content that is highly beneficial to reach different audiences within a short span of time. Make sure the content is relevant to your audience.

Share Up-to-Date News and Trends

Facebook ‘likes’ are the most popular forms of user engagement. Comments and shares are also an important aspect of social engagement. It has been observed that comments and shares of post engagement increase by 16 percent year over year and 40 percent quarter over quarter. However, this is only possible when viewers see the latest news or content based on current trends. So experiment with new styles of content for your audience.

Dig Deep Into Data

It is possible that status updates might work best for one business while videos and links may be the most effective for another. Dig into Google Analytics to see your Facebook website conversion for insights into what works best for you and determine the best time to post your content on Facebook. The Facebook Insights tab is the best place to see when your fans are online under the section “when your fans are online?” This gives you a clear picture of how many of your fans are online each hour or during specific days of the week. Ideally, when you have the most fans online, that’s the best time to post your content.

Increase the Frequency of Posting

Once you review your Facebook Insights, you will most likely notice that there’s really never a time when none of your fans are using Facebook. People tend to remain on Facebook for an average of 30-60 minutes. So if you post content only once a day, you can only reach fans who were on within that time frame. To reach more people, post content multiple times a day. Focus on the quality of your content and the preferences of your audience.

Understand the Facebook Algorithm

It’s necessary to understand the Facebook algorithm to understand what drives users, so you can determine how well you can affect engagement. EdgeRank does a constant calculation between users. To know what goes into the calculation you need to know the basics.

  • The freshness of interaction: the more recently a customer has interacted with your page, the more likely your page will show up in their feed. More frequent posting with varying subjects gives users more chances to engage with your post.
  • Type of interaction: there are different actions a user takes to affect EdgeRank. They can like your post, share your post, comment, click links and follow your page. Different kinds of content attract different forms of engagement.

Utilize Facebook Insights

With Facebook Insights, you are better equipped to see who your posts are reaching. Look at age, gender and location to make sure you are reaching the people you want to reach. Facebook Insights can reveal which content is working for the audience you are trying to target.

Story Bumping

Through story bumping, Facebook ensures that your audience sees content that is highly relevant, even if it’s a little bit older. For instance, when your friends like or comment on an old photo, it tends to rise to the top of your News Feed. With story bumping engaging content will be pushed to the top of a user’s News Feed. The more people engage with your content, the more people will see that engagement in their News Feed.

There is a feature related to story bumping called Last Actor. Facebook favors any page or person you interacted with you during your last 50 interactions.

Create a Fan Base

Creating good quality content frequently and consistently helps you create a fan base. The best way to hit the right target is to use Custom Audiences to target people who are not your current fans. Use Lookalike Audiences and Graph Search to find people who are similar to your fans and like specific pages and interests relevant to your niche.

Use the tactics above to maximize your Facebook reach and organically create your fan base.



Stop selling and start sharing

Stop selling and start sharing. The real key to true success and happiness in 3 words!

I often find people in business frustrated or complaining. If we are honest, we all go there at some stage, but why? When all seems to not be working, or if everything is working but you’re complaining, then you have lost sight of one thing.; your passion. Asking yourself why you are there, is a good start. If it’s to be better than someone or make more money, you may like to quit now.

Happiness is a huge indicator of success. People may walk around looking cool and acting like they have it all, but their happy smiling face and their generosity is a sure key that they know what their passion is and they are sharing it.

“Know your passion” Write it down, revisit it daily weekly or however long you need to, to ensure you are always on the path to success that you can humbly share with others

Be someone with a passion and share the happiness.

Here are 2 great tips

Encourage – rather than minimize – the creative person who lives within you

This creative person is part of your best self. We have learned to envision success as a process of following pre-established patterns; the person who follows the pattern mostly closely, we believe, is the person who will be most successful. This kind of thinking causes us to discount and devalue our own creativity, since creative thinking has a habit of leading us toward new approaches and strategies.  Make friends with your creative self and discover where your passion truly lies.

Learn to view everything as an opportunity

We have been inculcated with fixed notions of bad and good. These inflexible ideas can cause us to overlook opportunities for genuine growth and self-discovery. But what if that awful experience turned out to be the catalyst for energizing your best self toward the recognition of your true passion? It could happen.

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object? – Alan Watts


Questions and Answers


Finding the right person for your business or idea comes down to asking questions and asking the right questions. Some important points to focus on are; What do I need? What will I be doing and What files will I need to bring those things to life? When do I need it by?
Am I aware of my 5 W’s? Who, What Where When and Why? Can I measure the success of what I want to achieve with my designer?

All of these questions are important to bringing your visions to life. Too many times I hear how someone has not fulfilled a project, but on looking further, I see it’s because they didn’t ask themselves these important questions.


A good Designer will always ask, “What is your budget?” Many people are afraid that if they say how much they have to work with, they may  have been able to get it at a cheaper price. A professional has a price structure for you to follow, if you don’t feel comfortable saying how much you have to spend on your vision, or you haven’t allocated a promotional/ design or marketing budget to your business; now is the time to work it
out.  Every business needs to invest in the intellectual property of their  business, investing in a creative, is investing in the value and potential sale value of your business.


When you employ a professional, your work needs to achieve results. A great quote once said “Man goes where his vision is” and no one isexempt from this method of delivery. Know what you’d like to achieve and expect to feel like a champion at the end of your engagement. When a client comes to us and asks if we can help them achieve, we say,
yes, with enthusiasm and excitement, because that person trust us to deliver them a confident future with their business, ideas, product or service.

Make your dreams possible by employing the right person for your project,not everyone will fit your mix, but always ask them to refer you on if you feel you could find someone better.


Finding the right graphic designer is important, not every designer you speak to will speak your language. Chose a designer that people refer to as someone who can listen to your visions. Choose a Designer that can not only design, but has a marketing and communications background.
When you come to your designer, have examples of your style ready so that your designer can interpret your expectations, we all create ideas  from what already exists. Create a board of ideas and be prepared to
express your vision.


I have been dealing with Josie Jones from Share the Word Design Studio for the past few years on a number of projects. It’s the diverse range  of talents, willingness to help and positive energy that sets Josie apart. Whether it’s creating a logo, a brand, design layout for print and web,  business marketing strategies or the best way to use social media representation, there are no limits with Share the Word. Managing time,  workflow and deadlines are so important in any business, Josie has always been clear and prompt in communicating the design process  and time frames. Josie has an huge understanding of honesty, professionalism and integrity and it shows with her work and relationships
with clients. Being involved in a local community, we always hear great things about Josie and Share the Word Design Studio. An energetic  can do attitude, passion for design and life, gives us full confidence in using Josie and Share the Word, moving forward with our business.

James Ross, Mornington Peninsula Gardens and Lifestyle Magazine

We are all stories in the end

Collaboration is one of the greatest ways to work.

I continue to say this, but my work is a privilege. Having your own business, requires you to go the extra mile and in doing so, you’re not about to chose just anyone, to assist you in getting where you’d like to be.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to see and be a part of some wonderful business decisions. Although most of the time, my work is behind the scenes, there are times where impromptu moments lead to recognition, like this advertorial with Tim Sykes Design

This advertorial will appear in the second edition of Mornington Peninsula Garden and Lifestyle Magazine. With it in production as I write, the initial production saw myself, with James and Kristen Ross working closely, along with some fantastic freelance professionals. The goal for me, was to always impart my skills to James and have him independent in his production and this has come to light in just the second production.

To produce a magazine takes more than design skills, however James has surely proved himself. As the creative process unfolded James came to me requesting my professional direction, which I gave with great enthusiasm; “seeing another issue come to life was genius for me” as this meant that success had been reached on the initial production and James and Kris were able to offer more people a chance to have their stories told.

We are all stories in the end.


A cure for any hangover

Reaching your market requires initiative and that’s something The Pavilion promotes with their “Eggs Benedict”

In the last 3 months I have been working closely alongside Warner Hedrick III for the transition of one of the most stunning locations for dining and functions on the Mornington Peninsula.

In these last 3 months I have been encouraged by the willingness of Warner and his team to embrace new ways of communicating to their clientele.

Warner a long time food and beverage leader, comes to the floor with such enthusiasm and pizazz, that just to encounter him in house, is an invitation in itself. I call him the “Clint Eastwood of the Peninsula” with his one liners and an infectious smile, his level of hospitality is certainly one for the Peninsula to aspire to.

The winter season ahead looks to be promising. The Pavilion is located beach side, with an outside deck, warmed with fire and cosy blankets, lit by candlelight in the evenings, you can dine in the dining room, for lunch and dinner by the open fire or enjoy breakfast in the Cocoa Bar.

Enjoy breakfast all day Mothers Day

The Pavilion will be serving breakfast daily as of May 13 from Wednesday 8am – 11.30am in the Cocoa Bar/Cafe



Doing what you LOVE

In 2012, Josie Jones started to work with Picknics café and Captains Bar owners, Nikki and Tim Richardson to unearth the essence of their vision for their new boutique bar in Rye, Captain’s Bar.

In the first year, Josie created a branding strategy that communicated the fun and relaxed business culture of the seaside bar, and that delivered The Richardson’s key ideals and messages that they wanted to bring to the Mornington Peninsula Community and Visitors.

“When Josie came to work with us she truly listened to ideas and visions that we had for our business, combined that with her own amazing creativeness and style, and then produced artwork that was even better than we could have imagined!” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

The Richardson’s then enlisted Josie’s talents in the rebranding of Captain’s sister Café, Picknics a beachside café in Rye known for it’s hearty meals, great coffee and exquisite in-house baked delights. Josie devised an integrated marketing campaign to step Picknics into the contemporary business environment with a completely new Graphic Design Package, the establishment of a digital presence for the café, guidance in creating content for online media, and content marketing.

By 2013, the success of Josie’s Online Media and Print Advertising for Captain’s Bar was yielding measurable results and Josie was given free rein of Creative Director for the promotion and marketing for Captain’s second year. Josie planned a fun and dynamic promotional campaign, established content marketing and a social media following engaging the community with fun and fresh competitions and enticements.

With Josie’s fast, efficient and professional approach, Nikki and Tim were able to ground their visions and get on with that elusive thing of ‘doing what you love’ and dreaming up ways to build loyal customer base.

Captain’s Bar has run enticing weekly specials for which Josie created a series of Graphic Posters from her own original illustrations.  This wildly successful print campaign says Josie “I loved giving my skills to a local business,  as a way of communicating to the community my skills, as I had moved to a new area and knew no-one. With the creation of hundreds of items of artwork, it’s been an experience that I can only take pride in as I saw first hand the success it brought and the subculture it created”

“Everything Josie has made for us is INCREDIBLE. She has brought our businesses to life.” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

It was a common occurrence for tourists to photograph these posters upon their visits and the inquiries to buy the posters keep rolling in. It is apparent that Josie Jones’ Poster Art – with its clean lines, beguiling colour palettes and with a stroke of genius in every image – continues that rich history of the ability of Poster Art to speak a visual language that people can really connect with.

You will find Captain’s Bar and Picknics café on Rye Front Beach, Mornington Peninsula 2285 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Nikki and Tim will create their own branding and communication efforts, as of June 2014. Josie wishes them every success as they take on an exciting new venture with the Picknic Basket. For more of Josie’s Poster art look to Elk at falls and her latest project with I‘m really a mermaid an environmental initiative.