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I’m really a mermaid – Season 2

I’m really a Mermaid is a passion project that has gathered a large amount of attention due to the fact that so many people do care about the environment. Whilst Series 2 is now being created, Series 1 will continue this Summer 2015/16, offering a new chance to WIN and exciting 2 night stay at a beach stay with character, Offshore Retreat in the fantastic St Andrews Beach on the Mornington Peninsula.

Look out this Summer for a teaser of what is to come in Series 2. As we communicate to the locals and to the holiday makers through a set of postcards that will be free over the Summer period, how important it is to recycle and keep Australia beautiful.

This summer is an offering a chance to stay nestled amongst the sand dunes of St Andrews beach, as you laze away in the 6 seater jacuzzi, with the sun setting and the sound of the ocean, drowns away any worries you may have had. Offshore Retreat is located a 5 minute walk from the Rye back beach, choose one of 4 possible stays. All you have to do is support the poster series, by purchasing your copy from either the gorgeous beachside cafe A Mini Kitchen or Sirene Sea Pearls in Dromana

Join us this season in your support for I’m really a mermaid, who aims for zero waste, recycles responsibly and is continuing to collect rubbish as part of the “One Tonne Challenge” now up to nearly 2 tonnes of documented rubbish collection from the foreshore of the Mornington Peninsula.


Two things define you. Pateince and Attitude

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and, your attitude when you have everything. I believe that everyone would like to add the virtue of patience to his/her personal attributes. Patience gives to us something we can not achieve unless we seek its understanding. Patience gives, wisdom, insight, happiness, where trouble may normally reside, peace where stress can reign supreme and understanding that everything has a time.

In this modern age, we see people are less patient and more demanding, with an expectation that everything needs to be delivered quickly and with little intention. Whilst those of us who have been around a little longer, have come to see the rewards that come from projects or life experiences that evolve over time. Projects that required extra effort, where there was little to no reward in the process, but when the big day comes, it comes with glory, surrounded by those who sincerely enjoy your success and a heart felt gratitude which propels you towards yet another dream.

Our attitudes are born out of our understanding and whilst some people may be too busy judging or not admitting their low sense of self, by degrading others to make themselves bigger, there are those people in life who truly seek to first understand. In doing so, it gives them a great sense of peace, in turn patience and therefore a brilliant attitude in any situation. Whether it be success or challenges, they are able to see the wisdom in any experience and share this those they love and cherish.

As a designer and creative director on the Mornington Peninsula, I work with many variations in character and find that people react in variant degrees of stress and anxiety through a design process. It is, and can be a stressful process to communicate to someone else their inner desires and to feel they will be successful in achieving the picture they have inside their head.

This is the part of my work that I love, as I am a visual communicator and whilst a person describes to me the thoughts and feelings they have towards their work, desire, product or outcome. I am able to visually see what they are saying to me, it’s this library mind of reference that inspires me to create for others and whilst not all designers are visual thinkers, we are as stated in our previous post, “designers are problem solvers’ and we love solving the distance between one persons mind to the reality of visual communication.

So the next time you’d like to see where you are going, take a look at your attitude and be patient with yourself. Take the time to truly express your vision, because your dreams are real and they’re important  to be realized, as they make up the puzzle of this glorious world we live in.



Stop selling and start sharing

Stop selling and start sharing. The real key to true success and happiness in 3 words!

I often find people in business frustrated or complaining. If we are honest, we all go there at some stage, but why? When all seems to not be working, or if everything is working but you’re complaining, then you have lost sight of one thing.; your passion. Asking yourself why you are there, is a good start. If it’s to be better than someone or make more money, you may like to quit now.

Happiness is a huge indicator of success. People may walk around looking cool and acting like they have it all, but their happy smiling face and their generosity is a sure key that they know what their passion is and they are sharing it.

“Know your passion” Write it down, revisit it daily weekly or however long you need to, to ensure you are always on the path to success that you can humbly share with others

Be someone with a passion and share the happiness.

Here are 2 great tips

Encourage – rather than minimize – the creative person who lives within you

This creative person is part of your best self. We have learned to envision success as a process of following pre-established patterns; the person who follows the pattern mostly closely, we believe, is the person who will be most successful. This kind of thinking causes us to discount and devalue our own creativity, since creative thinking has a habit of leading us toward new approaches and strategies.  Make friends with your creative self and discover where your passion truly lies.

Learn to view everything as an opportunity

We have been inculcated with fixed notions of bad and good. These inflexible ideas can cause us to overlook opportunities for genuine growth and self-discovery. But what if that awful experience turned out to be the catalyst for energizing your best self toward the recognition of your true passion? It could happen.

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object? – Alan Watts


Questions and Answers


Finding the right person for your business or idea comes down to asking questions and asking the right questions. Some important points to focus on are; What do I need? What will I be doing and What files will I need to bring those things to life? When do I need it by?
Am I aware of my 5 W’s? Who, What Where When and Why? Can I measure the success of what I want to achieve with my designer?

All of these questions are important to bringing your visions to life. Too many times I hear how someone has not fulfilled a project, but on looking further, I see it’s because they didn’t ask themselves these important questions.


A good Designer will always ask, “What is your budget?” Many people are afraid that if they say how much they have to work with, they may  have been able to get it at a cheaper price. A professional has a price structure for you to follow, if you don’t feel comfortable saying how much you have to spend on your vision, or you haven’t allocated a promotional/ design or marketing budget to your business; now is the time to work it
out.  Every business needs to invest in the intellectual property of their  business, investing in a creative, is investing in the value and potential sale value of your business.


When you employ a professional, your work needs to achieve results. A great quote once said “Man goes where his vision is” and no one isexempt from this method of delivery. Know what you’d like to achieve and expect to feel like a champion at the end of your engagement. When a client comes to us and asks if we can help them achieve, we say,
yes, with enthusiasm and excitement, because that person trust us to deliver them a confident future with their business, ideas, product or service.

Make your dreams possible by employing the right person for your project,not everyone will fit your mix, but always ask them to refer you on if you feel you could find someone better.


Finding the right graphic designer is important, not every designer you speak to will speak your language. Chose a designer that people refer to as someone who can listen to your visions. Choose a Designer that can not only design, but has a marketing and communications background.
When you come to your designer, have examples of your style ready so that your designer can interpret your expectations, we all create ideas  from what already exists. Create a board of ideas and be prepared to
express your vision.


I have been dealing with Josie Jones from Share the Word Design Studio for the past few years on a number of projects. It’s the diverse range  of talents, willingness to help and positive energy that sets Josie apart. Whether it’s creating a logo, a brand, design layout for print and web,  business marketing strategies or the best way to use social media representation, there are no limits with Share the Word. Managing time,  workflow and deadlines are so important in any business, Josie has always been clear and prompt in communicating the design process  and time frames. Josie has an huge understanding of honesty, professionalism and integrity and it shows with her work and relationships
with clients. Being involved in a local community, we always hear great things about Josie and Share the Word Design Studio. An energetic  can do attitude, passion for design and life, gives us full confidence in using Josie and Share the Word, moving forward with our business.

James Ross, Mornington Peninsula Gardens and Lifestyle Magazine

Working together

“Those who are quick to criticize and slow to praise, bring down a team”

If you’re shaking your head, saying “I know one of these” then welcome to the club.
If you’re not, then, you’re either fortunate, never worked in a team, or come from another planet. The fact is, great teams are built on great members, all willing and able to participate with a common goal in mind. The thought of that makes my heart sing

That’s what makes our work unique: we whole heartedly care about your goal. In fact, most times, we assist clients in establishing clear goals and objectives. I liken what we do to a french expression ‘esprit de corps’ A direct translation means, the ‘spirit of body’, it’s actual meaning is ‘sense of unity,’ of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise or idea.

Employing a designer is all about team work. As a designer, integrity is everything, someone comes to you, with a part of them that they call, their dream, or their idea, their business, or their goal and that takes courage and trust.

Each time a new client finds me, the excitement that fills me, is what stirs the creative light within me, people often say to me, “you’re amazing”, they ask me “How do I do it” and really it’s simple. I know everyday I am part of a team, my team is not defined by a building I enter everyday, or a contract I am engaged in, but it is defined by opportunity.

After years of industry experience, I am fortunate to sit back knowing that at any time an opportunity to be [art of a spontaneous team can appear and my job is to do one thing and that is to define the goal and reach it with my client at the forefront of that goal. What a job I have, what a privileged position I am in and what an honor it is to serve as a valuable team member

Here’s 3 cheers to all my team members both past, present and future