Come see what “Dinner” looks like!

Christian Gundesen creates “Expressions of the ocean” as he appears as the Featured Sculptor Dromana Art Show 2015. See Christian turn rubbish into a living expression of the ocean, that will have you standing in awe.

Join us at the Dromana Art Show in it’s  41st year of vibrant collaboration between Dromana Primary School and Dromana Rotary Club. It is bigger and more exciting than ever, showcasing contemporary and traditional works across a range of mediums.

This year sees the ever talented Christian Gundesen as the featured sculptor. Christian will be exhibiting 6 unique pieces created especially for this show and we are certain, it’s not to be missed.

Using his traditional cuttlebone carvings, this exhibition sees Christian move into other mediums, such as carving the lead of a pencil, turning rubbish into a living expression of the ocean and cuttlebone pieces that will have you standing in awe.

This year will see Christian Sculpt a piece entitled “Dinner” inspired by the collection of rubbish from the Mornignton Peninsula foreshore, in the “One Tonne Challenge” led by Creative Director, Josie Jones. Visualise her quest to keep Port Phillip bay clean, respecting all marine life and preserving a unique coastal environment, when you see Christina turn what she collects into an inspiring piece of art.

Be inspired by other artists, such as the works of David Day, recently on ABC Open – a fantastic resource for the positive effects of  recycling and turning rubbish into art.

Join us for the 41st annual Dromana Art Show and come see what Dinner looks like!

Melbourne Cup Weekend see the opening night, Friday October 30th 7pm – LATE

Image thanks to inspiring art by Mandy Barker international award winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris has received global recognition. The motivation for her work is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans whilst highlighting the harmful affect on marine life and ultimately ourselves.

Her series SOUP has been published in over 20 countries including Time Magazine,
The Guardian, The Financial Times, Smithsonian, GEO and The Explorers Journal.
She has exhibited globally from The Photographers’ Gallery, Somerset House,
The Mall and Cork Street Galleries in London, to The Aperture Foundation New York
and The Science and Technology Park in Hong Kong. Her work is currently touring the
United States as part of the exhibition, Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, that began at The
Anchorage Museum in Alaska. She has been selected as a winner for many awards
including the LensCulture Earth Award 2015 and has been nominated twice for the
prestigious Prix Pictet award, the world’s leading photographic award in sustainability.

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