Melbourne comes to life

Sometimes a job comes along that really tests you. Not only does it test your skill set, but it tests your ability to look outside what is, to research and explore the elements that you are creating. Then to work with your client, to bring forth this magical moment, where their small, but definite changes brings together the entire work, of Melbourne City and Skyline, is inspiring!!

The breif given for the landscape is a wall at the docklands within an apartment, to which the client has requested a custom wall, mapping Melbourne, it’s landscape, it’s icons and to then incorporate some of their own personal attributes.

The personal elements of this landscape measuring 2.2 meters by 4.3 meters includes, street signs they grew up in, Qantas airplanes with personal numbering, dates of birth which take place of the score board of the MCG, their football teams and legends, like Ron Clarke lighting the Olympic Torch a man who passed away this year, one of the great distance runners of the 20th century.

The scene is set in 2 parts with a top sky line of Melbourne city, showing landmarks such as the MCG, Skipping Girl, The star wheel, docks and city buildings to bring your eye down to a mix of the majestic, iconic buildings and art. Here appears the likes of Chloe the famous naked woman of, also included, Young and Jackson’s, Pellegrini’s, Oggi’s, The Palace Theatre, Flinders street, Princess Bridge, old school trams, Luna park, the classic one legged seagull and much much more.

As a creative director, the elements that compliment this artwork are the small hidden items. These keep the viewer not only captivated, but also they become intimate with the detail of the scape, as they are required to find 3 hidden hooks inserted into the landscape. Like the famous Geoff Hook (Jeff Hook) of the Herald Sun who celebrate a 25th anniversary today, with a cover that somehow reflects the sentiment of this landscape. This artwork is certainly impressive and will be an amazing talking point over any dinner party.

I learned many great things along the way with this landscape, I came to know that a good friends great grand father Charles D’ebro, designed and engineered the Princess bridge. I photographed a real life, one legged seagull in the making of this landscape, I now know that dolphins have been seen up the Yarra River and I came to appreciate my client on a whole new level, by them allowing me to know many intimate stories of their time together a husband and wife. I could not help but admire their love and the love they have for their son and daughter, also a client of mine;  The cake goddess, Amy Minichiello of A Mini Kitchen, who can also be found in the scape along with her brother.

If you’d like to see this in person…you’ll have to get invited for dinner : ))

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