She thinks outside the box

Creative Director and Award Winning Designer, Josie Jones, is known for her ability to make striking Graphic Design Campaigns, Logos, Branding, Online and Print Media, but it could be said that Josie’s real talents lie in her ability to connect so profoundly with her clients.
This talent is not just customer focused marketing but that obscure ability to create rapport. How does she do it? With mental agility, earnestness, cultural nous? Sure. But also with a mysterious quality of intuitive intelligence that somehow allows her to get inside her client’s vision.
This is teamed with an eccentric edge that allows Josie to think outside the box and take inspired risks calculated with the benefit of research and years of experience.
All this results in your job, whether it is a Strategic Marketing Campaign, Brand Strategy, Logo and Graphic Design, Content Management, packaging, print and online media, SEO, media releases, the creation of a website, with e-commerce or a Global Marketing Campaign, being developed with the clearly defined vision and with a client focus.
Not only that, but it is delivered in a timely and efficient manner by a professional with the skills of a project manager, the visual elegance of an Art Director, the edge of an International designer and the warmth and dedication of a friend.

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